About Us – Qualifications


Steven Cole – Undergraduate degree in Economics, Master of Business Administration, Stanford Certificate in Innovation & Entrepreneurship. Owner of Reflective Inc. I have 24 years of experience in the area of retro reflective safety tapes and vehicle conspicuity.  Specializing in collision reduction through the use of retro reflective visibility enhancement.  In addition, I have worked extensively with many fire departments, cities and other government agencies such as U.S. Geological Survey, U.S. Corps of Engineers, U.S. Forestry Service, NASA, U.S. Navy, U.S. Army, various States’ Department of Transportation and Parks and Recreation, various utility companies, construction companies, fleets for oil exploration companies and others, to develop reflective systems to reduce rear end collisions.

Bryson Cole – Undergraduate degree in Economics. Owner of Reflective Pro, a company that specializes in reflective safety solutions. I have worked in the area of retro reflective safety tapes since 2012 with my family’s company, Reflective Incorporated. I have 12 years of experience in the area of retro reflective tapes, vehicle visibility, and the development of retro reflective solutions and products to reduce vehicle accidents.  During this time, I have worked with agencies such as utility companies, municipalities, private companies, and individuals to improve night time visibility. In addition, I have prior experience in international consulting, private equity, and wealth management.

Together, we have over 33 years of experience in retro reflective tapes, photo-metrics, and vehicle safety. We are familiar with the construction of these tapes, their function, effectiveness, and longevity. We design and create reflective solutions that increase the visibility of vehicles and other objects at night, with the objective being to prevent collisions.