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ReflectiveX – Experts in Retro Reflectivity & Visibility

Welcome to, a Division of Reflective Inc. – The Visibility Company.  Our reflective specialists, Steven Cole and Bryson Cole collectively have 33 years of experience in the area of retro reflectivity and accident prevention.  With their expertise, we provide two main services to our clients.

First, we specialize in the design and manufacture retro reflective visibility enhancement programs for fleets. Our goal in this endeavor is to prevent accidents before they happen through the implementation of carefully designed reflective visibility solutions.  These include treatments to reduce both rear and side impacts in traffic.

Second, we work with clients on the analysis of accidents involving trucks, trailers, trains, and other vehicles as it pertains to visibility and retro reflectivity. We can consult over the phone at no charge, or provide an expert report upon the review of all aspects of an accident.

Our goal is to help prevent accidents before they happen through improved conspicuity.  And when a collision does occur, we are available to help you understand what happened from a visibility perspective.  

If you have a question about an accident, or want to outfit your fleet so that you can prevent collisions, feel free to call (850) 934-3157 and speak with Steve Cole.